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Herbalism and Nutrition – a powerful combination for health

We all know that through a balanced diet, food will provide the“building blocks” of health: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre, vitamins andminerals.


For optimum health, supplements help meet that body’s need foradditional nutrients that might be caused by pollution or stress – things fewof us can avoid.


The right diet, combined with supplements, exercise, sleep and otherchanges to lifestyle can help address many health conditions. It’s a verysensible approach but it can take time to see the benefits. Herbal medicine canhelp speed the healing process and maintain your improved health.


Ken Dyke is a qualified Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, acombination of expertise that can help to address your health needs in a waythat combines the power of nutrition and herbs.


To book aconsultation call him on 0115 960 9014.

"For anyone close to Sherwood in Nottingham's North side this health food shop is well worth a visit." - Stevie